About Us

Loligo is a small company somewhere in between Art & Technology. We develop all kinds of electronics, ranging from heavy industry to fine art. Recent projects include FPGA based video hardware, a lamp that can blow big soap bubbles, electronics for glass art at a hospital and two robotic beds driving around sleeping visitors at a gallery in Oslo. Currently we are developing a family of wireless data loggers (Berries), an indoor navigation system (LPS), technical aspects of a textile exhibition and a solar powered lamp for rural Kenya.

Loligo has been around for twelve years. In the beginning it was a one man show. During the last few years the company has grown. Our web shop is part thereof, but our main business is product development of various kinds. We are located on two sides of the planet: Stockholm (Sweden) and Brisbane (Australia).

Below are a few examples of our projects within art and advertising:

Surface Tension Lamp (in collaboration with Front)


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Roaming beds (made for Carsten Höller)


Fine tuning the navigation system while taking a test run.

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CLOCK (in collaboration with Christiaan Postma)

Christmas present (in collaboration with Projector and Arclight)

Vrål-o-meter (in collaboration with JJP)

Antistress ball

Cut-out for electronics

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Glass art (electronics made for Fredrika Linder)

40m deep light shaft with 24 shining glass objects at the New Karolinska University Hospital.

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First one in place! 24 more to go.

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Glass art by http://www.fredrikalinder.com at USÖ

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Fun things made by Sven, our very own mix of artist and engineer in the lab (anything cool in the lab has his name on it)

Remote infrared eyes

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Why not play football through the eyes of your opponent, or with a bird’s-eye view? Place the camera wherever you like and try to navigate your way through life. As an added bonus the camera is sensitive to IR enabling night time action! Sven is the gentleman to the left.

High voltage drink charger made by Sven

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Adds a spark to your drink

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Come have a drink and enjoy the thrills of electronics…

Have a look at Sven's latest machine in action! Full video here: https://youtu.be/9bpanlHCY_U

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Drink dispenser.

The ultimate tea maker.

Our industrial projects are seldom for us to show the world, but here are a few examples:

FPGA based video hardware able to digitize several video formats, add text overlay etc.

A ten year old board with FPGA and DSP acting either as a framegrabber for radar images or a camera able to classify Australian road signs.