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The Blueberry is essentially a LPS2 Mini without the UWB capability. It also sports a few additional sensors and can run off a tiny button battery.

Download the app here: LoligoLog on ITunes

Main features:

  • Cortex M4F (nRF52832).
  • BLE, ANT or your favourite home made ISM protocol for 2.4 GHz.
  • Accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer: MPU-9250.
  • Altimeter/barometer: LPS22HB.
  • UV and ambient light: Si1133.
  • RH and temp: HTS221.
  • Two GPIO.
  • Battery holder for CR1632.
  • Size: 20x20x6 mm including battery.

Blueberry can for example be used as a tiny weather station or IMU (IMU needs a different firmware).

As a logger together with the LoligoLog app it has the following features

  • Log interval configurable from 1s to 3600s
  • Log up to about 3000points, depending on the number of sensors used
  • Battery life of around 30days (Varta/Energizer) when logging with 30s interval