LPS2 Mini

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LPS2 Mini – Local Positioning System in a very small form factor. Indoor navigation system with 10 cm precision. Higher precision can be achieved using on-board sensors for inertial navigation. This is the successor to the LPS Mini.

  • nRF52 as MCU, i.e. ARM Cortex M4F.
  • USB
  • BLE
  • Can act as RFID tag (untested)
  • DWM1000 for UWB.
  • Accelerometer/Gyro/Compass: MPU-9250.
  • Altimeter:┬áMS5611-01BA03.
  • LiPo charger with power either from USB or a small solar panel.
  • Outdoor range: Around 200-300m line of sight depending on your propagation environment.
  • Indoor range: Around 30-50m depending on your walls.
  • Size: 25×30 mm.

They come pre-loaded with a demo firmware and bootloader allowing for FW upgrades via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Source code will be available as C code to be compiled with GCC for nRF52. Advanced features like wireless distribution of clock and synk, TDoA, RTDoA, filtering and location engine are not included in the basic package, but can be purchased separately. The included demo code for LPS2 Mini will handle on-board sensors, data streaming via BLE / USB and TWR.


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